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What Our Tutors Say


Thanks to Skills Education Academy. I've been a franchisee of Skills Education Academy for their ACMAS & FUNMATHS programs for last 5 years. Excellent support from Company. I am happy to be associated with SEA.


These days children are intelligent & energetic. It is the responsibility of the parents to channelize these strengths of their children in the right direction. Lots of skill development activities are coming everyday.


Initially, got trained in ACMAS Abacus to train my children. Seeing the development that happened in my children, thought that every child should get benefited from this wonderful skill development program.


Skills Education Academy (SEA) always provides great service to franchisees & students. SEA passion is exemplary. SEA growth is like a tree branching out in all directions. We are happy with SEA services.SEA has strong work ethics.


Presently training 100+ students in ACMAS Abacus & FUNMATHS Vedic Maths Programs. Students really enjoy doing these programs and are excited exhibiting their skills to others. Parents are happy and satisfied.

What our parents say

Compared to other companies the concept and teaching method is more and excellent faculty



My son is in 9th standard. He improved a lot in his handwriting. This program is very good


Mrs.Santhi Reddy

With in one month my son has improved his handwriting.Good concept



What Our Students Say


I am preparing for groups. My hand writing is not good and I used to write individual writing. I have improved my speed and now I am writing in cursive. This is one of the opportunity to improve our hand writing. Excellent program.


I am B.Tech student preparing for the Groups.I used to write very small. With my sir suggestion I have joined in this course and I improved my handwriting. Who ever is facing a problem with their bad handwriting with out thinking join this program.

S.Kriti Shailya

S.Kriti Shailya - When I came, I felt curious to know what is Vedic Maths. When I came & started learning, I found it very easy & fun. Now I know how useful Vedic Maths is. I like Vedic Maths very much. Sometimes it is challenging. But still it is worth it.


I like this class very much as it makes things easier for me. I can do sums faster and it looks much easier now. I also like the teachers very much as they teach in a way that all can understand and are not strict at all. They are also jovial in between.

What our channel partners say

  • I am franchise of this company and very much satisfied with the training and service provided by the company.



  • Excellent Training & Franchise support.The curriculam followed is easy to understand & has good feedback from parents & children.

    Vinoth Kannan

    State Master Franchise,Tamil Nadu

  • I have earned back my investment in 6 month time. I am a student of B.Tech.Skills Education Academy had given me opportunity to earn while studying with minimum investment.


    DMF,Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh

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